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The Fulbright Roving Scholar Program brings American teachers to Norway to spend an academic year traveling throughout the country giving presentations, seminars and lectures for teachers and students in lower and upper secondary schools and to students in teacher training programs. Thanks to generous support from the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research, the Rovers can offer their services to schools free of charge. The Roving Scholars are prepared to address a broad variety of topics and teaching strategies; as they try to share a sense of the form and content of the American teaching experience, they are also here to learn as much as they can from their Norwegian colleagues. This is a unique cross-cultural opportunity for Norwegian teachers to invite an American teacher into the classroom!

A little preparation can go a long way. Please see our Host Guidelines: Planning for a Successful Visit for tips about making a Roving Scholar visit as beneficial as possible.

After you have had a Rover visit, please be sure to fill out this survey. Your feedback will help us make the program even better in the future!

Roving Scholars are eager to visit many schools and would be happy to get an invitation from you. Please contact them if you are at all interested in having them come. Below are profiles and course offerings of the 2022-23 US Roving Scholars to Norway. (NB! in order to share the wealth, the two videregående schools Rovers are expected to visit different schools. Likewise, the Østfold Rover is to visit all schools in Østfold, both lower and upper secondary.)

2022-23 Roving Scholar for Upper Secondary Schools, David Tow

David Tow is a 2022-23 Roving Scholar for the upper secondary schools (videregåendeskolen). He is a teacher of English, social science, and environmental leadership at Terra Linda High School, a public high school just north of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Rafael, California. To find out more about David’s workshops and how to request a visit from her, please Click Here.

2022-23 Roving Scholar for Lower Secondary Schools, Tim McMahon

Tim McMahon is the 2022-23 Roving Scholar for the lower secondary schools (ungdomsskolen). He helps students to become “Renaissance People” who learn in creative ways, imagine what is possible, and help to humanize the world.” Click here to find out more about bringing Tim to your school.

2022-23 Østfold Roving Scholar, Betsy Burrows

Betsy Burrows is a 2022-23 Roving Scholar for upper secondary and lower secondary schools in Østfold. She is Director of Teacher Education at Brevard College, North Carolina, where she prepares future teachers for experiential and project-based teaching and learning. To find out more about Betsy’s workshops and how to request a visit from her, please Click Here.

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