2020-21 Roving Scholar for Lower Secondary Schools, Tracy Davis

The Fulbright program has a delayed start this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Please email the Fulbright office if you would like to be contacted when information about Tracy’s workshops and arrival date become available.

Tracy Davis is currently completing her doctoral degree in Educational Leadership from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. She has a passion for civic education and professional development and regularly collaborates with social studies teachers and administrators throughout the region. As Assistant Director of the School Study Council and Equity Consortium, she has gained an immense amount of knowledge of school leadership for equity. Additionally, she has co-taught Instructional Leadership courses at Lehigh University. Tracy also teaches English as a Second Language and professional skills to adults through The Literacy Center, a nonprofit organization.

Tracy holds a Master of Arts in Teaching and Curriculum from Michigan State University and has taught middle school and high school Social Studies, Special Education, and Reading in Florida and Pennsylvania. She is extremely excited to speak with students about government and current events and with teachers about instructional leadership. As an educational professional, Tracy believes it is extremely important to keep learning and growing and continue to improve in order to do the best job possible for all your students and model continuous learning.

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