Host Guidelines: Planning for a Successful Visit

Following these guidelines will make a Roving Scholar visit to your school as beneficial as possible.

  • Rovers spend a lot of time preparing for visits and should have a reasonable daily workload when visiting your school. Please don’t ask them to hold sessions for longer than what would constitute a normal daily workload at your school. Instead, invite the Rover to spend an extra day or two.
  • Rovers are not substitute teachers. The regular teacher for the students being presented to is expected to be in the room with the Rover.
  • When scheduling a Rover visit, check with your colleagues to see if they would also like the Rover to do a workshop with their students. If so, please let them know that they should be there for the Rover’s presentation.
  • Once a visit has been scheduled, please be sure to let your headmaster know the date(s).
  • Please be sure that the Rover knows exactly who they will be presenting to (i.e. the subject and level of each class) and approximately how many students will be in each session. Please note that the size of the group will influence the type of session offered. Hands-on or interactive workshops are not possible with large groups. Likewise, keep in mind that the larger the group, the less opportunity each student has to practice his/her English.
  • Rovers have a lot of visits and details to keep track of. Please keep this in mind, and be sure to send a single comprehensive schedule to the Rover before their visit. Click here for a visit schedule template you can use.
  • Keep in mind that each Rover offers something different, and that no two visits will be alike. Good communication with the Rover before s/he comes to your school will help ensure a successful visit. Likewise, good preparation with your students will help ensure a valuable learning experience for them.
  • Don’t forget that Rovers offer workshops for teachers and administrators as well.
  • Rovers enjoy the chance to learn about Norway and Norwegian education. Feel free to share information about your school and area as well as your own thoughts and perspectives.

After you have had a Rover visit, please be sure to fill out this survey. Your feedback will help us make the program even better in the future!