Alumni Association of Norway

Being a Fulbrighter doesn’t end with the conclusion of your Fulbright grant period; it’s a part of your identity, which you can continue to nourish by getting involved with your local alumni association. Local alumni associations offer opportunities for professional, intellectual and social interaction with other Fulbrighters.

Established in 1971, the Fulbright Alumni Association of Norway (FAAN) helps to bring together Fulbright grantees for the purpose of strengthening academic, cultural, and human ties between the United States of America and Norway.

FAAN is governed by a board made up of nine alumni.

The Alumni Association organizes a number of events throughout the year.

Contact and membership info for the Fulbright Alumni Association of Norway.

FAAN celebrated its 40 year anniversary in 2011 with the publication of a book of alumni reflections, “Den vanskelige kjærligheten.”

Alumni Article Prizes

Information about the Fulbright Norway Article of the Year award and for the Fulbright Norway Young Researcher award. Winners, calls for entries, previous winners, and updates regarding public presentation of the article.

Alumni Statutes

The Statutes of the Norwegian Society of Fulbright Grantees Fulbright Alumni Association