Board and Staff

The U.S.- Norway Fulbright Foundation for Educational Exchange is a bi-national foundation with a Board of Directors composed of four American and four Norwegian members. A staff of four oversees the day-to-day work of the Foundation.

Current Board Members


Honorary Chair:
Ine Eriksen Søreide, Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs

Board Members:

Kristin Danielsen
International Director
Research Council of Norway

Andreas Føllesdal
University of Oslo

Toril Johansson
Director General (retired)
Ministry of Education and Research

Yngvild Wasteson
Norwegian University of Life Sciences-
Norwegian School of Veterinary Science


Honorary Chair
Sharon Hudson-Dean, Chargé d’Affaires, U.S. Embassy 

Board Members:

Jillian Bonnardeaux
Public Affairs Officer
U.S. Embassy

Eugenia W. Davis
Consular Chief
U.S. Embassy

Doris Jorde
University of Oslo

William Warner
Associate Professor (retired)
Norwegian University of Life Sciences


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Fulbright staff are primarily working from home. Please contact us by e-mail.

Petter Næss

Executive Director
+47 22 01 40 13

Rena Levin
Program Officer,  the U.S. program
Intecountry Lecturing Program
+47 22 01 40 10

Cathrine Schrumpf Nordahl
Senior Program Officer, the Norwegian program
+47 22 01 40 11

Kevin McGuiness
Financial Officer
+47 22 01 40 14

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