American Literature and Culture

The English Department at the University of Bergen invites one U.S. scholar to teach or to teach and conduct research with them every year.

The selected scholar will teach and/or team-teach undergraduate courses and conduct additional seminars at the undergraduate and/or graduate level on topics to be determined based on the special interests of the scholar and the needs of the department. The scholar will also participate in tutorials, student advising, grading and administering oral and written exams. Courses may be scheduled so as to allow time for research.

This grant is for five or 10 months, with 10 months being the preferred option.

To apply

Awards are published in CIES’ annual awards catalogue. You can find everything you need to know about how to apply for a Fulbright scholarship on CIES’ website:

Application deadline is in September for the following academic year.

Please contact the Fulbright office in Norway, or Lauren Smith at IIE in Washington, DC for more information.