US Grantees to Norway – Checklist

A chronological overview of things you need to do before, during and after your stay in Norway.

 When Task Notes
Within 30 days of receiving your award letter To accept/decline the award: sign and return the Grant Award to designated recipients. Please follow instructions in award letter.
As soon as possible, but not later than two months before arrival in Norway Apply for residence permit to Norway. (NB: You should not apply for a visa; US citizens must apply for a residence permit.) More information from Fulbright

Norwegian Ministry of Immigration (UDI)

Not later than one month before the start of your grant period Submit insurance information to the Fulbright Office. More information from Fulbright

Accident and Sickness Program for Exchanges (ASPE)

Not later than June 1 Submit photo and short project description to the Fulbright Office. This information will be used in printed brochures and on our website. For examples, please see the current grantee brochure.
Before arrival in Norway Register your stay with the US Department of State at: This makes it easier for the State Dept. to help you in an emergency and allows you to receive routine information from the US Embassy in Oslo.
After arrival in Norway Go to local police for residence permit, and apply for a Norwegian personal ID number (personnummer). More information on our Arrival Checklist.
Mid-late August Fulbright Orientation and Reception in Oslo Scholars not beginning work in August are not required to attend the orientation.
Upon receipt of residence permit to Norway (for stays of 6 months or more) Apply for a personnummer at your local tax office.  

You must have a personnummer to open a Norwegian bank account, which is necessary to receive your Fulbright grant disbursements.

At orientation. If you will not be present, email your request by August 1st. Deadline for signing up for lottery to win Nobel Peace Prize tickets, Berlin Seminar, and/or EU/NATO Seminar. These are events to which Fulbright can send only a few grantees who are chosen by lottery among those indicating interest. More information will be given at orientation.
December 1 Midterm report due. Download form
Thursday-Sunday before Presidents Day Fulbright Seminar and Ski Weekend All grantees will participate in the annual grantees seminar. Advisors/sponsors are invited to attend.  Grantees and their dependents will be hosted by Fulbright for a ski weekend.
April 15 U.S. taxes due. Check with the IRS for special rules regarding Fulbright grants.
April 30 Norwegian tax return due (for Norwegian source income outside of your grant). Tax Norway has information available in English.
May 1, or one month before completion of your grant period, whichever comes first. Final report due. Download form
Before departure Cancel rental agreement, cancel any subscriptions, cancel bank account, and report change of address to Norwegian authorities. More information on our Departure Checklist