Norwegian Personal Number (Personnummer)

For all grantees and their family members who will live in Norway for more than 90 days

A personal number (national identity number) is an 11-digit number which allows you to, among other things, open a bank account in Norway. Grantees staying in Norway for more than 6 months should bet a personal number. Grantees staying longer than 90 days, but shorter than six months will receive a D-number instead and should contact the Fulbright office about transferring grant payments to their US accounts.

If you were incorrectly assigned a D-number instead of a personal number (a personal number will start with your birth date in European format DDMMYY), you will have to report a change of address in order to get a personal number.

When filling out the form, please note that the reason for your move to Norway is that you are a student or a researcher with own funds. Though you are receiving a stipend, you are not employed by Fulbright.