Norwegian Personal Number (Personnummer)

For all grantees and their family members who will live in Norway for more than 90 days

The personnummer is an 11-digit number which allows you to, among other things, open a bank account in Norway. As soon as you receive your residence permit card, you must submit the Notification to the tax office of a move to Norway from abroad form in-person at a tax office designated to accept these forms in your region. The designated tax offices are available in the following places:

  • East (Skatt øst): Oslo, Sandvika, Lillestrøm, Fredrikstad, Hamar, Tynset
  • South (Skatt sør): Drammen, Kristiansand, Skien, Tønsberg, Gol, Lyndal, Arendal
  • West (Skatt vest): Førde, Sogndal, Bergen, Haugesund, Egersund, Stavanger, Nordfjordeid, Odda
  • Central (Skatt Midt-Norge): Trondheim, Ålesund, Kristiansund, Namsos, Steinkjer, Molde, Hitra
  • North (Skatt nord): Kirkenes, Hammerfest, Alta, Tromsø, Harstad, Bodø, Mo i Rana, Brønnøysund, Svolvær, Vadsø, Sortland, Narvik

Addresses and opening times for the designated tax offices are available on the Norwegian Tax Authority website.

When filling out the form, please note that the reason for your move to Norway is education. Be sure to select the “other” box in section H and explain there that you are a student or a researcher with own funds. Though you are receiving a stipend,you are not employed by Fulbright.

When visiting the tax office, be sure to bring not only your completed notification form, but also your passport, your residence permit ID card, and a copy of your Fulbright grant authorization (this may be requested as proof of being self-funded and therefore not subject to Norwegian taxes). In addition to applying for a personnummer, you should also ask to register with the National Registry.