US Department of State Health Benefit Plan

As a part of the terms of your award, you are entitled to a basic health benefit plan for the period of your grant, including pre-approved grant-related trips outside of Norway, plus direct traveling time from the U.S. to Norway and return travel. You are not eligible for health benefits during personal travel outside of Norway.

The U.S. Department of State (ECA) has contracted with a third-party administrator for the Accident and Sickness Program for Exchanges (ASPE), Seven Corners, Inc.  The Fulbright Office in Norway is responsible for enrolling current grantees, and for issuing their health benefit cards.

Seven Corners offers a telephone number that can be dialed collect when outside of the United States.  Seven Corners can provide assistance to US grantees trying to locate a physician overseas and in some cases has established a process where overseas physicians can direct bill Seven Corners (lessening the out-of-pocket expenses for US grantees).  US grantees will also have the option to order maintenance drugs prior to their overseas departure.

Please take a minute to review the ASPE website.  If you have questions regarding your health benefits, including details regarding specific coverages and limits, please go to this site where you will find the ASPE benefits guide, downloadable ASPE forms and “MyPlan” – a password accessible site which provides grantees services such as claims tracking and downloadable .pdf files of your ID cards.

ASPE Health Benefit Plan and the Norwegian National Health Care Scheme (“Folketrygden”)

Because you receive ASPE health benefits, you do not qualify for the Norwegian National Health Care Scheme (“Folketrygden”).

Spouses and Dependents

The ASPE health benefit plan is for the Fulbright grantee only. We recommend that dependents obtain insurance from another source.

Spouses and dependents of Fulbright grantees can apply for membership in the Norwegian National Health Care Scheme, but membership will be granted on a case-by-case basis. Generally, if the principal person does not qualify for membership, neither do the dependents.

Action Requested:

No later than June 1(or one month before the start of your grant if not coming in August), please e-mail us the following information, which we need in order to issue your health benefit card (be sure to write “Health Benefit Plan for US grantees” in the subject line of the e-mail):

  • Departure date from the U.S. (approximate if not known)
  • Arrival date in Norway (approximate if not known)
  • Departure date from Norway (approximate if not known)