Grant’s Workshops for Ungdomsskole Teachers and Teachers-in-Training

Building a Collaborative Classroom, In a Global World
As more people are able to connect around the globe, and our world continues to become more interconnected, how will students learn to collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds? In this seminar teachers will discuss the changing demographics in the workforce, and learn how to foster a classroom environment where students learn to collaborate with others who come from different backgrounds, cultures, and have different ideas.

The Power of Growth Mindset
We’ve all heard someone say, “I’m bad at math,” or, “I’m not a math person.” These two phrases often create a mental roadblock for students, impeding their ability to be successful in the classroom. Individuals who have a fixed mindset often hold themselves back from their full potential. In this seminar, teachers will develop an understanding of growth vs. fixed mindset, and examine these two mindsets’ implications for student learning. Lastly, we’ll explore ways teachers can foster an environment for growth mindset, and develop students so they have a growth mindset.

Culturally Responsive Teaching
As the makeup of classrooms changes to reflect more diversity, how does the material taught impact our students’ ability to learn and achieve? It can be difficult for students to connect or engage with content that doesn’t represent aspects of their identity. In this seminar, teachers will learn how to become culturally responsive teachers by reflecting on their own practices and curriculum and infusing them with more responsive elements.

Implicit and Explicit Bias: Knowing yourself
Teachers make thousands of decisions every day, but what informs those decisions? When teachers act on student misbehavior, or even when encouraging students to challenge themselves academically our decisions are based on implicit bias. In this seminar teachers will distinguish between implicit and explicit bias, begin to develop an understanding of their own implicit bias, and discuss how to reflect on how understanding their bias, can impact student growth, and achievement in and out of the classroom.

Engaging Student in Meaningful Learning
As standardized test scores become more prominent as a measure of student understanding, and qualitative measures fade to the background, how can educators continue to meaningfully engage students and create lifelong learners? In this seminar educators will explore a variety of approaches, and techniques that will keep students engaged in discussion, motivate them to do their best, and ultimately be reflective on their work to improve on their next assigned work.

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Grant’s Workshops for Ungdomsskole Students