Tracy’s Workshops for Ungdomsskole Teachers and Teachers-in-Training

Motivation is Key
How do you motivate unmotivated students? What drives people to do what they do? In this workshop, teachers and educational leaders will explore Daniel Pink’s work on motivation. It all comes down to three things: purpose, autonomy, and mastery. We will discuss how each of these factors contributes to a positive classroom climate where students feel motivated to succeed and engage. Additionally, we will discuss strategies that relate to the Core Curriculum 1.4 where students see themselves as creative co-collaborators in the educational process such as culturally relevant lesson plans, project-based learning, and experiential learning. 
Format: In person or virtual
Style: Lecture style or interactive
Interdisciplinary Topic: Health and Life Skills

Using Station Rotations
Through hands-on activities and lessons, this workshop will expose teachers to alternative methods of delivering content using stations instead of traditional lectures or traditional group projects. Providing learning stations for students allows for creativity, autonomy, and small group instruction. Learn how to leverage the use of stations in your classroom to get the most out of your instructional time and make content accessible for all learners. This is an interactive workshop with teachers participating in the station activities. 
Format: In person
Style: Interactive
Interdisciplinary Topic: Oral skills, reading, writing

Analyzing Current Events and Global Citizenship
This interactive workshop brings current events to the forefront of discussion. The conversation will include current events in the United States to model strategies that could be implemented by teachers for the Norwegian context. We will compare and contrast how current events shape educational policy and the discussions that take place across the US in our classrooms and schools. What does it mean to be a global citizen? This workshop also examines the world in which we live and our place within that context. Each of us has a footprint and an impact, but just how far does it go? We will learn about opportunities to utilize technology to reach across physical boundaries for collaboration and innovation. 
Format: In person or virtual
Style: Interactive
Interdisciplinary Topic: Democracy and Citizenship

Measuring Student Success
How do you grade students? We will go over examples of grading and assessment in the U.S. This workshop explores the various ways that U.S. schools assess secondary students. We will discuss standardized testing, SATs, competency-based grading, project-based learning, and traditional letter grades. I will share examples from my experience as a teacher who has worked both in a school that used traditional letter grading and in a school that used project-based learning with competency-based grading. This workshop can be adapted to general grading and assessment or for English language learning. 
Format: In person or virtual
Style: Lecture style or interactive

Addressing Reading and Writing Across all Disciplines
Improving reading levels for all students does not just stop in the English class. In this workshop, educators will learn how to incorporate reading and writing objectives in Social Studies, Science, and Math classes. There are many engaging and creative ways to expose students to reading development and increase vocabulary usage and comprehension. For example, students can respond to timed writing prompts, complete vocabulary exercises, or write opinion pieces on topics of interest. This workshop can be adapted for general reading and writing incorporation or English language teaching to improve English skills. 
Format: In person (preferred) or virtual
Style: Lecture style or interactive
Interdisciplinary Topic: Reading and Writing

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Tracy’s Workshops for Ungdomsskole Students

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