Larry’s Workshops for Ungdomsskole Teachers and Teachers-in-Training

Throw the Book at ‘Em: Creating Your Own Textbook in the 21st Century
With so many resources now available for educators, it can be a challenge to organize the content teachers want their students to read and rely on. In this session, teachers will view two separate teacher-created digital textbooks that take the place of the traditional, publisher-driven ones. Attendees will be presented with resources that can be used to self-publish, suggestions for how to approach the endeavor, enhancements available for self-created publishing, and the pros and cons of the process.

Ready? And…ACTION!
Pictures can be worth a thousand words. Make photographs and images come to life. Stage your students in poses of the image at hand and have them act out the scene in a one-act play that brings the moment to life, allows the learners to be the historical event, and provides students the opportunity to apply their learning in a fun, creative way.

Empowering Student Voice: 21st-Century Technology Techniques
Learning about history and world events means little without cultivating a personal connection for students because the personal connection is where true meaning lies. This session will provide educators with proven methods that utilize 21st-century technologies to provide evidence of learning. Attendees will be made acquainted with readily available tools like stop-motion, GarageBand, graphic novels, augmented reality, and more!

Who Tells Your Story
The study of history can often be a subject that instills little excitement in students. In this session, you will learn how to personalize the learning of students by having them conduct an interview with someone and produce a historical narrative about their life. Students will develop life skills for conducting interviews, utilizing primary and secondary sources, and how to craft an effective narrative.

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Larry’s Workshops for Ungdomsskole Students