Information for Students

General Information about the Residence Permit Application

  • To apply for a student permit, you must have student status at your Norwegian host university. Grantees who already have a master’s degree usually have to apply for permits as “researchers with own funds.” Information about this type of permit can be found on our page for scholars.
  • In the past you had to apply by July 1to ensure that your application is processed by the start of the fall semester. Due to uncertainty related to international student tuition, UDI is not making that promise in 2023. However, the sooner you apply the better your chances to have your application processed by the start of the fall semester.
  • NB: You should not apply for a visa; American citizens must apply for residence via a “study” permit.
  • Whether taking classes, conducting research, or serving as an ETA, select “studies” as the basis for your application.
  • All dates should be written in the following format: (day.month.year). Where possible, write the month in letters to avoid confusion.
  • Important documents to be included:
    *  Proof of housing in Norway: copy of rental contract is acceptable.
    *  A copy of the Fulbright-Hays Grant Authorization.
    *  Acceptance letter from your university. If you are going to be at a non-university institution you may need to provide documentation from your host explaining why
    they have invited you.
    *  A copy of your birth certificate.
  • For a complete list of documents to be included and more information about the application process, please visit the Ministry of Immigration (UDI) website for Student Permits.
  • Use the checklist from the Ministry of Immigration (UDI) to be sure your application package is complete.

Student Work Permit

  • A work permit is automatically granted with a valid residence permit. You can work up to 20 hours per week during the semester, and full time in vacations.
  • A student residence/work permit is usually granted for 12 months.


You must document sufficient funding for the time you plan to spend in Norway. For single students, your Fulbright grant will be sufficient, and the only documentation you need to enclose is your Grant Award document.

  • Single students: You must have funds corresponding to the amount of full support from the Norwegian State Education Loan Fund (137,907 NOK for the 2023-24 academic year).  This amount must be documented. Your Fulbright grant will be sufficient, and the only documentation you need to enclose is your Grant Award document.
  • Student with spouse/cohabitant: Applicant and spouse/cohabitant must  have an income of at least NOK 287,278 per year pre-tax. The UDI site says, “This can be income from employment, loans or grants received in connection with studies, and money that you or the applicant has in an account.” Your Fulbright grant alone will not be sufficient to meet this requirement.  You may contact us or the Ministry of Immigration (UDI) to find out what options you have for your dependents to apply for family immigration with you.
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