Information for Scholars

General Information about the Residence Permit Application

  • Use UD’s online application portal to apply.
  • NB: You should not apply for a visa; American citizens must apply for a residence permit. Scholars should do so as a “Researcher with Own Funds.”
  • Though you will not be employed in Norway, and your permit is technically for research and/or teaching, to get to the right application form, select “work immigration” as the basis for your application. Then click on “vocational training and research.” From there select “researcher with own funds.”

Duration of Residence Permit

It is possible to apply for a 12-month permit as long as you can show that you have sufficient funding (see below). Scholars whose projects last for 9-10 months should apply for a 12-month permit if they wish to remain in Norway/the Schengen area for vacationing etc. after the completion of their Fulbright project.

Documents to be included:

Please see the UDI checklist for what to enclose with your application.


  • Single Scholars:  You must document sufficient funding for the time you plan to spend in Norway. Your Fulbright grant will be sufficient, and the only documentation you need to enclose is your Grant Award document.
  • Scholars with accompanying dependents (spouse and/or children): Applicant and spouse/cohabitant must  have an income of at least NOK 264,264 per year pre-tax. The UDI site says, “This can be income from employment, loans or grants received in connection with studies, and money that you or the applicant has in an account.”
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