Dan’s Workshops for Videregående Teachers and Teachers-in-Training

Teacher Workshop: Every Picture Tells a Story: Assigning and Assessing Multimodal Compositions. (Health and life skills)
Whether we are preparing students for higher education or a specific career, it’s clear that how we communicate is changing. More and more, visual design is vital to how we express our ideas. I have come to think of myself as a composition teacher rather than a writing teacher. I help students hone their rhetorical skills, audience awareness, and purpose, whether with the alphabet, images, videos, or music. And I encourage teachers to take the leap and assign multimodal work. Students love it. I will share examples of how I use multimodal approaches to present Shakespeare, reflective essays, creative writing, icebreakers, class discussions, and even my syllabus. We will also discuss options for assessing these creative assignments. 

Teacher Workshop: How to Include Social Emotional Learning without Losing Your Mind (Health and life skills)
By far, one of the hottest trends in education in the US is “Social Emotional Learning” (SEL). The events of 2020 only make this topic even more relevant.  SEL recognizes that our students come to school from a variety of backgrounds, from healthy home lives to homes filled with trauma and adverse childhood experiences. By weaving simple lessons into your routine, SEL addresses these differences in positive ways. It catches red flags before they become emergencies, and it teaches students character-building skills that help them become “adult ready.” This workshop will demonstrate painless ways to integrate “SEL” into your classes using the curriculum my home district has adopted for K-12 students. 

Teacher Workshop: Escala: Climbing the Ladder of Education with “High Context” Learners. (Health and life skills) (Democracy and citizenship)
Social researchers sometimes divide countries into the boxes of low-context and high-context cultures. At my college, 60% of the students are Latino. According to this theory, they are likely to be “high-context” learners which puts them at odds with the values of the US education system. What does this mean? It means that my students prefer non-verbal to verbal communication. They make decisions on intuition rather than logic and prefer tradition over change. Norwegian students are said to be low-context learners, but is this true? In this workshop, teachers will learn from the ESCALA (Spanish for ladder) curriculum to become familiar with the characteristics of high- and low-context learners and gain tools to reach both groups. 

Teacher Workshop: They Say, I Say: Teaching “Moves” That Demystify academic writing. (Health and life skills)
This workshop presents simple “moves” students can make in their essays, drawn from one of the most popular texts in US college classrooms. The book is centered around templates that make it clear to students what academic writing expects students to do. I teach a lot of first-generation college students (83%!). They love the way these templates provide paths for them to add their ideas to any conversation. It cuts through the academic jargon that can make them feel like outsiders.  The workshop will walk through the art of summarizing and quoting, planting a “naysayer” in their text, including their voice, and how to explain why their ideas should matter to the reader. 

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