Renee’s Workshops for Videregående Teachers and Teachers-in-Training

Notes:  Teacher workshops address the Core curriculum focusing on the core values of the Norwegian school system as portrayed in the curriculum renewal (LK20).  A list of resources and actionable strategies will be provided for each workshop.  All workshops can be adapted online as needed.  For additional information about workshops, lesson extensions and resources visit

Our Need to Belong: Ensuring human dignity in the classroom
Sociologist Helen Fein coined the term “Universe of Obligation” with her in-depth research on the Holocaust and how people choose to help one another.  Her research explores how being a member of a group satisfies our need to belong.  In the classroom, teachers are responsible for creating a climate that addresses this need and leads to our students feeling safe, respected and equal.  This interactive workshop will provide inspiration and strategies for creating a classroom and school climate where all students feel they belong. Content addresses core value 1.1 Human dignity.

Unlocking the potential of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students
Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) students bring unique life experiences, culture and skills to the classroom.  In the US, the 1974 Equal Educational Opportunities Act requires schools to provide meaningful experiences and overcome barriers to equal participation.  In order to uphold and protect this crucial federal law we must implement culturally responsive teaching methods.  This workshop will explore a variety of personalized approaches, including plurilingualism, that unlock CLD students’ true potential, build their confidence and provide opportunities for success.  Content addresses core value 1.2 Identity and cultural diversity.

Creating meaningful learning opportunities that promote critical thinking and ethical awareness
Why do you teach?  What guides your daily instruction?  This workshop presentation will ask teachers to explore their “why,” using Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle model, reflect on their practice and spark innovation.  We will consider the Universal Design for Learning framework as a method for creating meaningful learning opportunities that promote critical thinking and ethical awareness.  At the end of this workshop, teachers will have access to resources that support their continued exploration of this topic. Content addresses core value 1.3 Critical thinking and ethical awareness.

The Joy of Learning: Engaging your students through gamification
Looking for a new way to engage and motivate your diverse groups of learners?  Have you tried gaming?  Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a “gamer,” or even tech savvy, to introduce gaming elements into your classroom.  This interactive workshop will give teachers an opportunity to learn the basics of gamification and share ideas for practical application in the classroom.  Teachers will leave this workshop with tools they can use right away!  Content addresses core value 1.4 The joy of creating, engagement and the urge to explore.

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