Extra funding for travel

A limited budget for grant-related travel is available.

Students, Researchers & Lecturers

A limited budget for grant-related travel in Norway or Europe is available. Travel grants provide up to 2,000 NOK for transportation, lodging, and/or conference registration fees. Grants must be approved before travel is undertaken and are paid as a one-time reimbursement after receipts have been submitted to the Fulbright office.  Applications for travel grants will be accepted after the grantee has arrived in Norway, preferably after the commencement of the grant period.  To apply for this one-time grant, please send an e-mail to Petter and Kevin with an outline of your proposed project and a budget.

Please note, grantees who will make multiple trips that cost less than 2,000 each, should wait until their total approved travel spending surpasses that amount before submitting receipts.

Researchers & Lecturers

The Fulbright Intercountry Lecturing Program, which provides US scholars in Europe with opportunities to enrich their professional and cultural experience outside their country of assignment, is also available to researchers and lecturers in Norway (scholars only, not students).

Travel, lodging, and meals are covered; visits are by invitation and contingent upon approval from the Fulbright commission in the country that has extended the invitation.

Experience shows that most of our scholars who have visited other countries through the Intercountry Lecturing Program have done so by arranging their own invitations. If you are interested in Intercountry Lecturing travel, please get in touch with colleagues in the country you would like to visit and have them contact their national Fulbright commission to find out how to apply.