International Courts and Tribunals

International Courts and Tribunals

The PluriCourts Centre studies the legitimate roles of the judiciary in the global order. The focus is on international courts and tribunals in human rights, trade, investment, criminal law, and the environment, by scholars in law, political science and philosophy.

Research at PluriCourts concerns the origins of International Courts, how they function, and their effects. PluriCourts draws on these findings to assess them by principles of legitimacy, and develops plausible, sustainable models for each court and their interaction.

In addition to research, selected scholars may also be invited to provide guest lectures and/or participate in seminars.

Selected scholars will be awarded grants for stays of 6-10 months.

To apply

Awards are published in CIES’ annual awards catalogue. You can find everything you need to know about how to apply for a Fulbright scholarship on CIES’ website:

Application deadline is in September for the following academic year.

Please contact the Fulbright office in Norway, or Lauren Smith at IIE in Washington, DC for more information.

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