Norwegian Fulbright Alumni celebrated 40 years of US-Norway relationship.

Norwegian Fulbright Alumni celebrated 40 years of US-Norway relationship.

On November 3rd the Norwegian Fulbright Alumni Association celebrated its 40th anniversary.

The Alumni board was very happy to welcome about 100 Fulbright alumni to an afternoon seminar in the venerable Norwegian Academy of Sciences in Oslo. At the entrance the guests could pick up a copy of the anniversary book, ”Den vanskelige kjærligheten” (The Difficult Love) with essays by prominent Norwegian Fulbright alumni who offer reflections on the professional as well as personal experiences of their Fulbright year in the United States,  and and about the challenges - and hence rewards - of the Norwegian-American relationship. A special high point is the congratulatory foreword graciously provided by US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. Topics include U.S. foreign policy, politics, technology, economics, and culture. The unifying theme of the book is the challenge of sustaining a close and mutually rewarding relationship between the United States and Norway, despite significant cultural and political differences between the two countries. Thus, the book speaks to the very essence of the Fulbright idea. 

Before the seminar and during breaks, the guests enjoyed excellent food and wine while engaging in lively conversation. It was remarked that the panel discussions generated an astonishing (by Norwegian standards) degree of audience participation. The event was deemed a huge success by organizers and guests alike. The Alumni Association board is now looking into the possibility of selling the book to a broader audience and commissioning a translation into English.

Pictures from the celebration

The anniversary book in fulltext

 Marit Bakke, board member

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