High School Exchange

Norwegian high school students who are interested in a year’s study at an American high school have two main choices

NB: Many Norwegian students want to study one year at an American high school while living with relatives or friends in the U.S. Unfortunately, today this is virtually impossible, due to the introduction of a new, electronic student visa database (SEVIS). In order to issue the necessary visa documentation for students to receive a visa in their passport, schools must register and invest in expensive computer software. Most public high schools have chosen not to do this, because of the high costs involved. Public high schools will accept students through exchange programs.  The other option for foreign high school students are private boarding schools.

Some private boarding schools will accept students between the ages of 12-18 from overseas. The fees are usually quite high, $15,000-20,000 per year, and include tuition, room and board.   The school itself is then considered the “legal guardian”.   There are many different types of boarding schools-military, remedial (for students with learning problems), but many are known as “prep-schools”, that is, preparatory schools, whose main goal is to give proper and rigorous training in order that students gain admission to the college or university of choice. Our office has several reference books with listings of private boarding schools in the U.S.   A free publication, Boarding Schools Directory, is published annually, by:

The Association of Boarding Schools
1620 L Street NW
Washington, DC 20036
The directory is also available from their website:

Formal exchange programs have been in operation for many years. Programs are offered through “non-profit” organizations that offer students from around the world a year in a foreign high school.   The organization places the student in a host family, arranges for travel and the “I-20” and any other documents which might be necessary.   The organization usually has several representatives in the U.S.which students may contact in case there are any problems.   The cost of a year abroad is paid by the student. Contact the following organizations:

AFS-Intercultural Programs
Akersgt. 18
0158 OSLO
22 40 11 00 

Drammensveien 6 (inngang Arbinsgate)
0255 Oslo
23 11 71 71

EF High School Year
Fr.Nansens pl 2
0160 OSLO
22 94 12 20

STS High School Foundation
Øvre Slottsgt. 12 B
0157 OSLO
23 35 88 60

Youth for Understanding (YFU)
Professor Dahls gt. 18
0353 OSLO
22 69 81 80