Areas of Innovation and Expertise

Norway's strong emphasis on research as a key component to an evolving competitive and innovative society makes it an excellent place to study and conduct research.  Priority areas for current research, based on the amount of Norwegian kroner committed, are information technology (IKT), health and energy/environment.  The Ministry of Education and Research has launched an online "Research Barometer" (in Norwegian) that highlights 24 key indicators of Norwegian research and innovation efforts.  The Research Council of Norway provides a brief introduction to the research barometer in English

Cristin, an online database of research results, researchers, projects and research units in Norway is available for everyone to access. 

Although research funds in Norway come from a variety of sources, most research is funded by state's Fund for Research and Innovation.  Most funds are administered by the Research Council of Norway's several funding schemes for establishment and operation of specially designated centers of research. 

Specifically, these schemes comprise the Centres of Excellence (SFF) scheme, the Centres for Resarch-based Innovation (SFI) scheme, the Centres for Environment-Friendly Energy Research (FME) scheme, and the Norwegian Centres of Expertise (NCE) scheme.

The Centres of Excellence (SFF) was launched to enable research communities to establish centers dedicated to long-term, basic research of  high international caliber, with the ultimate goal of advancing the quality of research in Norway.  There are currently 21 Centres of Excellence around the country. 

The Centres for Research-Based Innovation (SFI) scheme aims to establish or strengthen Norwegian research groups working in close alliances with innovative enterprises.  The SRI scheme promotes long-term research that fosters innovation and enhances industrial competitiveness.

The Centres for Environment-Friendly Energy Research (FME) scheme has been established to finance time-limited centers whcih conduct concentrated, focused and long-term research of high international caliber in order to slove specific challenges in this field.

The Norwegian Centres of Expertise (NCE) scheme encourages industrial innovation in a regional context, through cooperation between companies, researchers, university colleges and the public authorities.  The scheme is established in cooperation with Innovation Norway and SIVA (the Industrial Development Corporation of Norway).