Study in Norway

Destination Norway

Norway is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty; from the sparkling fjords to enchanted forests and mountains, to the magical Northern Lights and Midnight Sun, stunning natural landscapes shape Norwegian culture. 

However, Norway is also an excellent place to study, teach and conduct research.  With a strong public emphasis on education,  the Norwegian education system includes a generously funded and publicly accessible system of higher education and research that is the backbone of Norwegian intellectual development, creativity and innovation.

"Research is of decisive importance when it comes to ensuring that Norway is a knowledge-based and innovative society." - Ministry of Education & Research

Norwegian institutions of higher education and research offer many opportunities for international students and scholars to study and work.  English is used almost as a second language in Norway, and the international environment in most research and higher education institutions means that competence in Norwegian is not a requirement for a successful short-term study or research visit.